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Bird dropping removal

If you are dealing with a bird dropping problem on your premises, it is important to sort it out as soon as possible. Bird guano can pose a serious health risk, as well as causing problems to the integrity of a building if left untreated. We offer the most thorough bird dropping removal service, so you can rest assured the problem will be sorted by the time we finish.

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Why you need to remove bird droppings

Bird droppings can serve as a serious health risk if left untreated. Breathing in dust that is contaminated with the droppings can lead to flu-like illnesses such as pneumonia. There is also a risk that they include salmonella bacteria, which can cause serious, sometimes fatal, symptoms for certain individuals. 

Bird droppings are also acidic, meaning they have corrosive properties. Most building materials can be damaged by long term exposure to bird droppings.

Bird Droppings Removal

Our bird removal service

We quickly remove, clean, and sanitise areas that have been contaminated with bird droppings, ensuring all your premises return to their original condition. Our team are fully trained professionals, meaning we approach all our jobs with diligence and attention to detail. 

When we are finished on your premises, you can trust that the risks associated with bird guano will be vastly reduced.

Bird Droppings Removal
Why Malrod?

Why choose Malrod for bird dropping removal

Our team are passionate about delivering the highest standard of service, with some of the best operatives and technicians working on safely removing bird droppings on a huge variety of buildings. Look after your premises by opting for our trustworthy professionals who will get the job done.

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