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Asbestos management plan

All of our asbestos projects are safely managed within industry and government regulations. Read on to find out more about our asbestos management plans.

Manage your asbestos

Our management services

We fulfil rigorous audits that ensure quality control is maintained by everyone involved. Our in-house contracts team offer detailed pricing, as well as scheduling bespoke packages to meet your individual needs. Below are just some of the management services we offer:

  • Carefully reviewing all statements to ensure compliance with industry regulations. This will include thoroughly reviewing method statements, training records, asbestos test results, and risk assessments.
  • Monitoring the use of equipment as well as the site environment, including minor intrusive work all the way to invasive work.
  • Advising our contractors as they work through their abatement or encapsulation methods of asbestos containing materials.
  • Ensuring that all work is completed with best practice in mind, prioritising safety at every stage and minimising/eliminating exposure to asbestos fibres. We also always develop or follow the specific asbestos management survey available for that specific project.

Choose Malrod to handle your asbestos management plan

If you have any queries about our asbestos management services, don’t hesitate to get in touch, one of our team will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Asbestos Project Management