Asbestos Removal From A Swimming Pool

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Article: Asbestos Removal From A Swimming Pool.

Asbestos is a banned material that was last in production in 1999, when finally, 14 years after brown and blue asbestos was banned, the government finally closed the doors to any asbestos production or use indefinitely. However, the damage had been done already and the United Kingdom was now ravaged with asbestos in older buildings.

Not long ago, a public pool in UK was closed down due to asbestos findings. An old building, most of the asbestos was found in an area closed to the public but due to the powdery structure of the substance, it is not surprising for the chemical to reach the pool water as well as the surrounding areas.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that this incident is an isolated case. Although asbestos is mostly used in ceilings, the particular chemical was also utilized in various productions, both in industrial and residential construction. It was added with other materials to be used in other parts of the house. During the height of its popularity, the item was even used as an ingredient for fire-proofing spray and interior of fire doors.

Where to Find Asbestos in Pools.

Due to the wide array of uses that asbestos had, it is tough to completely narrow down the materials that might contain this chemical. In pools, asbestos may be present in the tiles, any caulking compounds, pipes, duct insulation typically used for heating, putty, and so much more. It’s also been used as insulated electrical wire, roofing felt and even in some textiles. Practically all materials used for building construction have been touched with asbestos at the height of its popularity.

Although some of these only contain small amounts of asbestos, others may carry larger amounts of the dangerous chemical. What’s worse here is that in a pool area, any presence of asbestos can prove more dangerous as it circulates through the air as well as water. For this reason, it’s usually best to have your pool checked out immediately even if no one shows any signs of asbestos-related health problems, by asking a company such as Malrod to complete an asbestos survey for you.

Asbestos Risks in Pools.

Obviously, not all pools carry the risk of asbestos contamination. In the United Kingdom, use of asbestos has been banned as early as 1985. By the year 1999, the UK no longer imported and sold the product. In fact, even reuse of asbestos was effectively stopped even before the year 2000. Since then, the government ensured that commercial buildings monitor and manage the possibility of asbestos being found in their building, as per 2012 Control of Asbestos Regulations. If you happen to be living in an older building built from the year 2000 and below, having your home as well as pool area checked out might be a good idea. Note that even newly refurbished buildings with old foundations carry the risk of having asbestos within their construction.

Once found or even if you just suspect the chemical in your area, a check and clean is recommended. Note though that removing asbestos from a swimming pool building is not something you can do by yourself. Considering the danger of this particular chemical, it’s crucial to hire professionals capable of doing the job. The use of specialized tools to find and extract asbestos is usually necessary to make sure that every last drop of the harmful chemical has been removed completely.

That does not stop DIY Asbestos Cleaning tips from circulating the internet, however. Although the possibility is there, self-cleaning after asbestos poses unbelievable risks to you and the people who routinely enter within the affected environment.

Asbestos related disease.

It has been long confirmed that asbestos is a cause of Mesothelioma cancer and other forms of asbestos related disease, such as Pleural Thickening and Asbestosis. People with constant exposure to asbestos are more likely to suffer from lung cancer as well as other forms of the disease. This is why it is not surprising to find immediate response from the UK community whenever asbestos is discovered.

Professional Asbestos Cleaning.

Professional clean ups of asbestos is neither expensive nor time-consuming when done properly. Although the affected area might need to be closed down during the process, that does not mean that you can’t occupy the place again as soon as it is finished. The beauty of this is that thanks to much advancement in technology, neutralizing the presence of asbestos can be done completely and without nasty repeats. Call Malrod today for a professional asbestos survey and let us rid your premises of your asbestos problem.

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