Asbestos Removal From Pipe Lagging

Statistics show asbestos kills an average of 5000 people a year- that’s more than the amount of people killed on the road!

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What is asbestos and why is it dangerous?

Asbestos was prominently used in the building and engineering trades from the 18th century right through to the modern day.

In a nutshell; asbestos is the material used in pipe lagging to insulate and protect pipes from adverse whether conditions: it was recently discovered that exposure to asbestos is deadly.

Most people find it surprising to learn that many people are still at risk of being harmed by asbestos: around 20 tradesmen per week dying as a result of being exposed.

Are we still at risk of Asbestos exposure in the modern day?

Buildings built or refurbished before the year 2000 are at risk of containing asbestos.

Removal of this substance must be carried out by qualified contractors as DIY asbestos removal can be very harmful to both domestic and working environments alike.

Asbestos is commonly found in the pipe lagging- even in buildings widely used by the public today.

As asbestos was a widely used insulation material, It’s highly likely most homes and historic public buildings contain asbestos or have traces of the substance in the lagging attached to your pipes.

I think I’m at risk of asbestos exposure, what should I do?

If you think there’s a possibility of asbestos exposure in your domestic or working environment: it’s very important you don’t attempt DIY asbestos removal. Attempting this could cause the asbestos to be disturbed and the likelihood of inhaling the substance becomes high.

If you think your domestic or working environment is at risk of containing asbestos; it’s important you contact professional asbestos removal services to carry out the removal of asbestos accurately and safely.

How important is choosing a renowned, trusted company?

Ensuring you chose a trustworthy company to remove asbestos in your home or working environment is important for the well-being of your family, staff and workmen combined.

Though some builders have knowledge of asbestos removal: it’s important you hire a certified person or company. This ensures peace at mind, accurate removal and personal liability protection.

With numerous companies offering asbestos removal services, it can be a difficult task finding a trustworthy asbestos removal company who ensures the asbestos is removed accurately and safely.

4 Top Tips: choosing a safe asbestos removal company

Service fees

Costs of asbestos removal will vary from company to company.

The amount you’re going to pay for asbestos removal services naturally determine whether or not you’re going to hire that particular company- or not.

Always ensure: you settle for services charging reasonable asbestos removal costs.

Beware: hiring the cheapest asbestos removal companies aren’t advised for work of this nature; after all, safe asbestos removal should be your main priority.

Quality of services

In the asbestos removal trade, you can often detect the quality of asbestos removal services by the level of services offered.

Competent asbestos removal companies should have adequately trained personnel and the required equipment to get the job done efficiently, safely and most importantly: accurately.

Most companies offer both domestic asbestos removal and workplace or public asbestos removal services.


In some instances, you might require asbestos removal services as a matter of urgency.

Be sure to choose a company that will offer their services in good time as this demonstrates commitment and good customer service etiquette.


A licensed asbestos removal company is proof of their competence.

A licensed company will be liable in the unlikely case of anything going wrong during or after the removal of the affected pipe lags.

Why you should consider seeking lag removal services

Removing asbestos safely is very important. Though it’s possible to remove the affected pipe lagging yourself; it’s important that expert help is sought for an abundance of health-related and cost-efficient reasons such as:


There are various health and safety regulations to adhere to when removing asbestos which is why trained asbestos removers are fully competent to carry out the removal of all traces of the substance safely and accurately.

Saving time and money

Undertaking DIY asbestos removal elevates the risk of inaccurately completing the work while disturbing the asbestos putting yourself and others at risk of being poisoned by the substance.

Fully trained and equipped asbestos removal contractors are able to complete tasks such as this properly, professionally and responsibly. This saves you money, time and hassle in having to pay contractors to correct and replace possible damages.

Fair pricing

Knowing what is and isn’t a fair price for asbestos removal prices can be difficult.

A good contracting company will charge in accordance to the amount of work to be carried out: the more work, the more you’d pay, the less work, the less you pay.

Fairs, fair.

Equipment and skills

Good lag removal companies have the appropriate equipment required to get the task completed. You should never have to pay asbestos contractors for extra material or equipment.

Asbestos removal technicians are trained and hold an asbestos removal license. This allows customers to trust the service they’re receiving is the absolute best.

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