Asbestos Removal From A Navy Ship 

Asbestos Removal From a Navy Ship

Working on a Navy Ship can be a lifetime commitment which comes with many risks.

From high tides to incoherent signals, working on a navy ship can be a real danger to those who work on them.

Along with the obvious dangers, Navy ships are among the many constructions to potentially contain asbestos: a fibrous mineral found in various construction materials used prior to the year 2000.

Though asbestos can be harmless, if in sound condition; exposure to asbestos can be fatal if the material is deteriorated or damaged.

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Where would asbestos have been used on a Navy Ship?

Asbestos was commonly used on UK vessels up until 1980 where it was discovered that exposure to the material causes fatal health-related risks to respiratory systems on the human body.

On a navy ship asbestos was most likely to have been used in adhesives, cables, boilers, block insulation, deck covering material, capacitors, aggregate mixtures, gaskets, pipe lagging, bedding compounds, tubes, thermal materials, valves, hydraulic assemblies, grinders,insulating materials, panelling, deck covering materials and packing materials.

Asbestos removal on a Navy Ship

Removing asbestos from a navy ship can be a difficult task as its one which requires much precision and attention to detail.

It’s important when dealing with asbestos on a navy ship, one doesn’t attempt to remove this material themselves as the health risks associated can be fatal. If you’re sceptical and think your navy ship requires asbestos testing, call a professional asbestos removal company today who will complete asbestos removal accurately, precisely and safely.

The advantages of hiring asbestos removal professionals

Hiring professional asbestos removers can prove cost-efficient long-term, not to mention the eliminated health risks.

As we all know, asbestos can be a very dangerous substance when deteriorated or aggravated. When distressed, asbestos particles go into the air and when inhaled; cause fatal respiratory problems which take many years to become apparent.

The unfortunate truth which comes with this is when diagnosed, these health issues tend to be too far matured and often become terminal.

Hiring professional asbestos removers eliminates this risk. What’s more, these company’s practice safe asbestos removal procedures ensuring the protection and well being of everybody who then comes into contact with that navy ship.

What to consider when hiring professional asbestos removers on Navy Ships?

Removing asbestos from navy ships is very delicate work. Hiring the right company is therefore crucial. Companies specialising in asbestos removal in buildings may not be able to perform the same job as efficiently on a navy ship.

Ensure you get in touch with the company you’re interested in using for asbestos removal and enquire about an average time frame it would take to test and perform asbestos removal on a navy ship.

For more information on asbestos removal on a Navy Ship, call Malrod today on 01942 811591.

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