Asbestos Removal From A Hotel

Here at Malrod we’ve worked in many diverse business and building settings completing asbestos treatments and removals.

Hotels are among the many old buildings housed here in the United Kingdom containing asbestos. Though the substance may not be harmful: if left to deteriorate or aggravated, the health implications of asbestos exposure can be fatal.

Have an asbestos problem in your hotel?

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Asbestos in Hotels

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral used in the UK building trade up until the year of 1980.

Though asbestos was identified in this era as a poisonous substance; it’s understood buildings built or refurbished prior to the year 2000 may also contain some levels of asbestos.

It’s important hotels are regularly maintained where asbestos is concerned to ensure managers and owners avoid liability where possible.

Though many buildings contain asbestos, if in sound condition the asbestos is perfectly safe. If however the asbestos has started to deteriorate or has been aggravated, this could potentially cause health implications which can be very harmful to anyone exposed.

Dealing with asbestos, it’s important you don’t attempt DIY removal in hotels or any other building as the health related risks can be fatal.

If you think your hotel contains asbestos, please call Malrod: licensed asbestos removal contractors who will be able to carry out asbestos removals and treatments safely, accurately and precisely.


The increase in risk of asbestos related disease due to exposure & inhalation

Professional Asbestos Removal

It’s important when dealing with the delicate material that is asbestos that professional bodies are hired to complete all asbestos treatment and removal services.

As asbestos removal procedures are very delicate requiring much precision during the treatment process; a professional knowledge and advanced equipment is needed to ensure the work is accurately completed for the safety and well-being of employee’s and guests staying in your establishment.

In the hotel industry, people pay for quality. This means people want the best service and value for money. If you’re the responsible owner of a hotel and believe in giving your customers the best experience, hiring experienced asbestos contractors to ensure your property is fit for business is imperative.

A good workman has the right tools and equipment

Treating asbestos; you’ll need the correct tools and equipment to ensure the work is completed with minimal risks and to the highest standard.

This includes effective PPE and handling tools. People who have little-to- no experience in treating asbestos risk attempting to complete work of this nature inaccurately causing huge risks to themselves and others who then become exposed to the fibres.

Save money: get rid of asbestos in your hotel with Malrod

Deciding to invest in expert asbestos removal services comes at a cost. Many people are surprised to learn that hiring licensed asbestos removal services saves companies money in the long term.


Solving all asbestos issues in a building at once ensures your building is safe and that a one off bill is paid. Treating smaller areas over a period of time could prove to be more expensive (though this is dependant on the removal or treatment services required).

Choosing the right company is also advisable when saving money on asbestos removal services.

Our advice? Go for an established company who’s competitively priced. This ensures trust that all completed asbestos removal or treatments is undertaken safely and accurately while saving you money.

Save your business!

Many news stories over the years inform us of the amount of hotels being closed due to containing asbestos. When dealing with asbestos; prevention is the only cure. Remove all traces of asbestos and prevent your business from closure with Malrod.

For more information regarding asbestos removal in hotels, contact Malrod today on 01942 811591

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