Asbestos Removal Chorley

Malrod is an experienced, licensed asbestos removal service with a wealth of knowledge in asbestos removal practices. With a long, extensive history of providing specialist services to a wide range of properties; Malrod are leading experts in asbestos removal, encapsulation and management in domestic or working environments since 1975.

The company was founded during the era where asbestos harm towards public health was becoming widely recognised. Malrod has been uniquely placed to evolve in time to the higher standards of sophistication in the equipment and training needed when it comes to the modern day removal of asbestos.

Malrod is a highly skilled company when it comes to the complexities of removing asbestos and we’re known historically, for our professional approach toward asbestos removal practices and our deep routed knowledge of what is a legally complex and logistically challenging market.

Malrod operates nationally and have completed asbestos removal in Chorley among a wide range of areas in the UK. If you live in Chorley and suspect that your property contains asbestos, please without delay: contact Malrod today.

Malrod has been operating in Chorley for many years improving the health of the local population by creating a safer environment. Asbestos can cause a wide range problems hence why it’s imperative that the removal of these hazardous materials must be completed immediately.

DIY asbestos removal can be very harmful to human health therefore removal of the substance requires professional practices.

If you suspect your property contains damaged or disrupted asbestos, do not try to make safe the area yourself. Stay clear and seek professional advice from our experienced team who are professionally trained to help you.

Malrod will be more than pleased to help you, feel free to contact us on 01942 811591.

We cover all areas of Chorley, including: Adlington, Coppull, Charnock Richard, Croston, Buckshaw Village, Eccleston, Wittle-le-woods, Euxton, Hoghton,  Bretheron, Mawdesley and Brinscall.




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