Asbestos Insulation Board Removal

If you are considering purchasing business premises then you might want to ensure that the building is protected first by having a professional asbestos company assess the building for asbestos hazards.

If it is an older building then you need to make sure that your business is covered and that your staff are protected from asbestos exposure.

Call Malrod today on 01942 811591 and let us help you.

Do not attempt to remove these boards by yourself as you may not be aware of the serious damage you can do to your lungs if you breathe in the dangerous fibres of disturbed asbestos. It can ultimately lead to cancer some 20 years down the line which is incurable. Those that have been exposed to asbestos fibres which has led to mesothelioma cancer have claimed 7 figure sums when it comes to compensation claims. That is how dangerous it is.

Malrod have extensive experience when it comes to the removal of asbestos contaminated materials within domestic, commercial and industrial buildings all over the UK. We also work very closely with demolition companies, health & safety consultants and architects for all refurbishment and demolition projects and offer the very best advice and services for the removal of the asbestos contaminated building.


The increase in risk of asbestos related disease due to exposure & inhalation

Malrod Insulation Board Identification & Removal Service

Malrods client list ranges from home owners right the way through to big organisations and we also work closely with a lot of schools to make sure that the pupils are safe from harm.

If you think you have asbestos insulation boards and want them removed asap then give Malrod a call today on 01942 811591 today.

Malrod currently cover insulation boards in soffits, ceilings, fireplaces, garages, schools, domestic, commercial and industrial buildings and much more. Call us today to have a look at your Asbestos problem on 01942 811591

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