Asbestos Removal in Stockport

Malrod are a specialist asbestos removal company that deals with inspection and removal contracts. We work with a number of older buildings and businesses that we think could be suspect of asbestos contamination.

Any old building could be exposed to asbestos, and its occupants could also be exposed if the asbestos fibres are disturbed. Therefore you will need a specialist removal company.

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Many people in the UK are confused about which asbestos they can remove themselves and when they need to use a specialised contractor. Due to the dangers of exposure your health is at risk if you breathe in the microscopic fibres that can attach themselves to the lining of your lungs. This can lead to a few related diseases, such as pleural thickening or asbestosis, or can ultimately lead to mesothelioma, an asbestos related cancer.

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a generic term for a family of fibrous minerals. When people say that something is asbestos they normally mean “it contains asbestos fibres”. The most commonly found members of the asbestos family are Crocidolite (aka blue asbestos), Amosite (brown) and Chrysotile (white). Different asbestos types have different properties so they tended to be used in different materials. For example: white asbestos has long, strong and flexible fibres and is commonly found in construction materials such as roof sheets, paints and tiles. On the flip side, brown and blue asbestos have strong, fire-resistant (but brittle) fibres and tend to be used in thermal insulation products such as pipe lagging, sprays and boards.

Asbestos has been known to be a health hazard type of material which was commonly used in the early years. However, as soon as lung cancer and mesothelioma were identified to be caused by the fibres of asbestos, these materials were immediately pulled out from the market. In case your house still has this type of material such as your asbestos fire doors, the best thing to do is to immediately remove and get rid of these stuff to preserve your healthy condition.


The increase in risk of asbestos related disease due to exposure & inhalation

Now that we’ve established the asbestos types its important to make a distinction between domestic and non-domestic work. Asbestos is regulated in the UK by the Control of Asbestos Regulations which is aimed specifically at the workplace (i.e non-domestic) and does not cover asbestos in the home. So, effectively, you are free to do what you want with asbestos in your own home. But, its important to remember that if, at any point, you hire someone in your home it becomes a workplace. Finally, before commencing any removal work in your home you need to consider how you are going to dispose of the waste. Many local authorities will accept white asbestos materials as long as they are correctly bagged. For all other products (AIB, sprays, insulations, etc) you will need to use a licensed waste carrier and you may find the cost prohibitive.

Right, asbestos cement removal in the workplace. The official way of working out when you need to use a licensed contractor is VERY complex and for the layman its almost impossible to calculate with 100% accuracy. Its based on the concentrations of fibres that you will be exposed to during the removal process. So, clearly, removing asbetos cement materials that contain high levels of asbestos fibres will expose you to greater numbers of fibres, right? True, but you also need to take account of factors such as whether its in or outside, which method you are using to remove it, and so on. Believe me its not simple. But, as a rule of thumb we can base it on material type and the following is 95% accurate.

Its important to bear in mind that any asbestos removal or repair works can cause significant asbestos exposure in both the long and short term and you should always consider using a specialist contractor.

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